Quality Assurance Time

Time for another QA check on the latest supply from Wileman prior to installation of 20mm thick Hardox liners & painting. 3M diameter x 7M long Steel & Slag Rumbler bound for a steelworks overseas. Nice to see the job progressing.  

Wileman Quality Assurance Time

First inspection of Wileman 3M Diameter x 7M long Rumbler drum bound for a steelworks in India when completed. Here we see one half of the drum almost welded before being shipped off to the machine shop. Watch this space.

wileman Design Solutions for Material Handling

Inspection of recent supplies & work in progress by Wileman. Replacement Wileman Hydraulic material Shut Off Gate First Inspection of 33M7 Aggregate Washing Barrel during manufacturer Steel Roller Supports & Roller Paths awaiting packing for export