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Blast from the Past – 1984

Wileman 25M6 Uniflow Scrubber Barrel arriving on site at ARC Eartham near Chichester back in the summer of 1984. The machine was installed to clean up very dirty quartz gravel at a rate of 250 Tonnes per hour. This machine went onto ARC Lydd in Kent after the closure of Eartham to carry on the […]

Wileman 33M7 Washer Barrel

If you would like more information on how Wileman can revolutionise your aggregate washing expectations contact us through our website xenodochial-noyce.80-66-202-123.plesk.page or phone our office number 00 44 (0)1530 413477. Installed in 1998 the two Wileman 3.3M Dimeter x 7 M long washing barrels, each rated to handle 500 tonnes per hour of 0 to […]